Aromatic scent lab

Smelling a fragrance is an experience, and here at Aromatic Scents Lab, we take you on a journey through ingredients to experience and explore the bare essential component of the Scent. We create truly one-of-a-kind fragrances with the most innovative & sustainable technologies. By offering fragrances to inspire, captivate and beautify, we develop an invisible fragrant bond with you.

We began our fragrance journey in 2021, as a UAE-based fragrance boutique, with quite a simple mission – to create statement-making fragrances with the highest quality ingredients.  We produced fine fragrances with proficiency to shape that experience into a fragrance line that combines personal care and air care. We curate stories that are radical and addictive, in every creation of our collection, through an endless array of products for self-care and home care with perfumes, hair mist, fragrance oil, candles, diffusers, and air fresheners. All our fragrances are completely handcrafted by a single ingredient, with the luxury of experiencing it in a single whiff.

We are Unique in more ways than one. We are a timeless brand and believe that the real richness lies in simplicity and quality while creating a product that can be appreciated by both domestic and foreign clients. An exclusive and admirable olfactory wardrobe is built by the most talented perfumers with the finest and rare raw materials. We love simplicity, and our vintage-look packaging along with displays convey to you the bare essence of our fragrance.

A Journey through the warm and sultry essence of ingredients is created by Aromatic Scents Lab most beautifully…